Tuyen Le’s Inspiring Journey from Being a Reluctant Server to a Beloved Chef and Restaurant Owner

Tuyen Le, the owner of Tuyen’s Asian Bistro, has come a long way from her days as a server at her family’s old restaurant, Saigon Le.

Tuyen’s mother opened Saigon Le in 1992. She joined her family at the restaurant, planning to only stay for a day. But she ended up dedicating over 30 years to the establishment. Saigon Le became renowned for its unique dishes, like the little-bitty egg rolls wrapped in lettuce with a special sauce that attracted celebrities like Woody Harrelson, Cybill Shepherd, and MTV’s Jeff Buckley.

When she was working as a server in Saigon Le, Tuyen had a gambling addiction which was evident in the way she served. According to Memphis Flyer, Tuyen didn’t like being a server, but her mother forced her to be one, saying that she can’t say no to her mama.

When Tuyen decided to quit gambling, she turned to cooking. She claimed that she didn’t know she was good at it, until everything she cooked turned out to be good.

Eventually, Tuyen pursued other ventures and started a seafood restaurant named “New Orleans Seafood,” where she served crab legs, lobster, and other items, but no Asian food. However, economic challenges, exacerbated by the pandemic, led to its closure.

Customers were longing for the return of Saigon Le’s authentic Vietnamese flavors, so Tuyen opened Tuyen’s Asian Bistro. Located at 288 North Cleveland, the tiny restaurant focuses solely on Vietnamese cuisine.

Though Tuyen’s Asian Bistro may be small, it is undoubtedly big on flavors and hospitality. Tuyen ensures that every guest feels welcomed and cherished throughout their dining experience, treating them as family.

Featured Image Source: Memphis Flyer