YASHY: A Fusion Of Luxurious Indian Hand-Embroidery And Streetwear

Computer Engineer and self-taught filmmaker, Yashraj Singh Patil, or simply “Yash”, took the COVID restrictions as an opportunity to come up with a fresh idea of blending high-fashion showcasing Indian elegant and intricate hand-embroidery and streetwear — YASHY.

Now, also turned into designing, Patil had to move back to India during the pandemic lockdown where he started designing his samples.“It’s very experimental designs a blend of Indian embroidery and couture bullion wire patterns mixed with western designs and also hand-embroidered streetwear.” he shared with the AHN community.

YASHY is a fusion of high fashion and streetwear. The word “yashy” comes from the ancient Sanskrit mantra “yashasvi bhava” which signifies “eternal and everlasting prosperity and victory.”

Limited edition 1 of 1 piece and made-to-order clothing hand-embroidered with bullion wires to the make unique artwork, incorporating ancient eastern luxury artwork of Zardozi, worn by Maharajas and Mughal emperors, and blending it with modern western streetwear for the first time.

Patil initially got into filming zero-budget music videos to learn to film and later transitioned to more commercial work and real estate films. He built a one-man video production where all of his videos were conceptualized, shot, directed, and edited by him. He is also a certified Commercial Licensed Drone Pilot – Part 107.

Instagram: @bokefanatic 

YASHY Instagram: @yashystudios

Youtube Channel: Supafly Productions

Website: https://www.supaflyreels.com

Linkedin: Yashraj Singh Patil