06. How I Raised My First Million | Lu Zhang | Fusion Fund

Welcome to Asian Hustle Network's "How I Raised My First Million" Podcast where we interview founders and fund managers on how they were able to raise their first $1M in funding. We will deep dive and uncover the mindset, tips, advice, and strategies needed to successfully raise from venture capitalists and angel investors. If there are any questions within this topic that you would like us to cover, please comment in the review section and our team will incorporate these questions into our future episodes.

06. How I Raised My First Million | Lu Zhang | Fusion Fund

About Lu Zhang:

Lu Zhang is a renowned Silicon Valley based investor, a serial entrepreneur, and a Stanford engineering alumna. Prior to starting Fusion Fund, Lu was a serial entrepreneur and material science researcher. She was honored as Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum (Davos), Silicon Valley Women of Influence, Best 25 Female early-stage investor by Business Insider, Featured Honoree of VC of Forbes 30 under 30 and Town & Country 50 Modern Swans – Entrepreneurship Influencer.

Fusion Fund invests in promising start-up companies that have technology barriers in their business models. They invest in many industries including connected industries (robotics, mobility), network technologies (connectivity, security), artificial intelligence (computer vision, NLP), and digital health/medical devices.

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