Steven Tang // S3 Ep 206 // Changing the Game With Asian Inspired Cocktails

Welcome back to Season 3, Episode 206 of the Asian Hustle Network Podcast! We are very excited to have Steven Tang and Joanne Tabellija-Murphy on this week's show.

Steven Tang is the co-founder and CEO of JUJU Spirits, creators of Asian-inspired alcohol brands Drunk Fruit and Yoju. JUJU is bringing Asian cocktails like yogurt soju and Asian fruits like lychee to a market that has historically seen very little Asian influence. Prior to this company, Steven built products for creators at tech companies like Instagram and Twitch. As an immigrant, he's always found the strongest connection to his heritage through food and beverage.

Joanne Tabellija-Murphy joined Walmart in 2013 as the National Director of Constituent Relations in Corporate Affairs. As a seasoned change agent with a twenty-year history of transforming large international companies by leveraging institutional knowledge, Joanne is responsible for building partnerships and strategies that advance stakeholder advocacy and transform social change by building trust in the 4,700+ communities Walmart serves.

Walmart announced that applications are officially open from now until Aug. 18 for our tenth annual Open Call event, being held this year Oct. 24-25. We are inviting small business owners and entrepreneurs to apply for the opportunity to pitch their products made, grown or assembled in the U.S. to be sold on Walmart or Sam’s Club shelves, or at Apply at:

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