Vince Xu // S2 Ep 192 // The First Asian Bachelor in Reality TV History

Welcome back to Season 2, Episode 192 of the Asian Hustle Network Podcast! We are very excited to have Vince Xu on this week's show.

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Vince Xu is a first-generation Chinese-Taiwanese American based in Los Angeles where he works as a lawyer who represents victims of catastrophic injuries and families that have experienced a wrongful death. Prior to his legal career, Vince made a name for himself as a serial entrepreneur. He started an innovative nightlife promotions company, co-founded an international leadership camp, and co-founded a national hot sauce brand.

But even more notably, Vince joins us today as a reality tv star who was cast as the first ever Asian male “bachelor” in the new reality dating show “The One That Got Away” now streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Freevee.

Although there have been other Asian men that have been cast on reality dating shows, Vince is not cast in the typical role where we’ve seen other Asian men before. But rather, Vince is one of the main leads of the show whose journey we get to watch unfold as he dates and eliminates girls that have come from his past to take their shot at love with him — think a missed connection from high school or even a girl you flirted with one night at a bar.

However, what’s also incredibly groundbreaking about Vince’s journey is that you see him date girls from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds and witness firsthand how he navigates different cultural barriers that often arise in interracial dating.

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