Yash Kothari // S2 Special Episode // From Burnout to Alignment, the Story Behind Kindred Minds

Welcome back to Season 2, a Special Episode of the Asian Hustle Network Podcast! We are very excited to have Yash Kothari on this week's show.

We interview Asian entrepreneurs around the world to amplify their voices and empower Asians to pursue their dreams and goals. We believe that each person has a message and a unique story from their entrepreneurial journey that they can share with all of us.

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Yash Kothari founded Kindred Minds in 2020 with the hope of bringing together like-minded people to explore life’s bigger questions. Understanding who he was and living in line with those values has been his journey for the last seven years.

He has spent those years facilitating workshops and meaningful group experiences for people from all walks of life, including executives, families, founders, students, and more. He focuses on using mindfulness (trained in insight-based techniques) and other science-backed modalities to help people uncover personal insights and live their best lives.

Kindred Minds is a membership that helps people live with greater purpose and intention. We offer a new, and more affordable, approach to traditional 1:1 coaching that uses the power of community, accountability, and structured reflection.

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