13-Year-Old Took Her Fangirling Into Greater Heights, Opens a K-Pop Inspired Milk Tea Shop

Filipino teenager Given Mendoza turned her fangirling into a business. As a K-Pop fan, she loves collecting merch of her favorite Korean pop idols. 

Given realized that these items can increase in value. She then found a way to earn by reselling them and worked on growing the business.

With the business’ great potential, the 13-year-old launched her online store, G’s KPop Kilig, “I decided to buy some albums for myself. I also bought some extra albums to sell, to see if I can earn profit,” she told the local news.

Later on, she was able to save enough to open a physical store in Baguio City, Philippines, and sells milk tea and K-Pop merch. As an “Army ”of the popular Korean group BTS, she also incorporates some inspiration to her milk teas.