A Millennial’s Gamble Pays Off As Her New Beauty Product Line Has Just Raised Over $225M

When the pandemic struck, all Chrisanti Indiana wanted to do was help her family and create jobs in her community.

Nonetheless, as the pandemic worsened, each day appeared to be a gamble. She gambled on her dreams, created her employment opportunity, and risked everything for her family because she had no safety or security options.

The Indonesian co-founder, and chief marketing officer of Social Bella, surprised everyone by taking her successful online store offline. In 2019, her online beauty and personal care store, Sociolla, already had two physical locations in Indonesia. It currently operates 47 outlets in Indonesia and 16 in Vietnam, making its earnings multiplied by ten by the end of 2021.

It started after Indiana had finished her studies in Australia in 2015 when she moved back to Jakarta, where she conceived the idea for Sociolla.

Chrisanti found that Australia was a great place to stock up on her favorite cosmetics because of the abundance of international brands. There couldn’t have been a bigger contrast with Indonesia.

With a combined $13,000, Indiana, her brother, and a close friend founded Social Bella to provide customers with access to legitimate goods and services.

“Since we started, we ensure that we only work with authorized distributors or brand owners,” Indiana said. 

The three founders of Sociolla had bigger plans than just building an online store. They have expanded beyond offline stores to become a global beauty and personal care product distributor. In Indonesia, they also became an associate partner for numerous international brands.

‘We want to ensure that we are scaling up and reaching more and more consumers. If Social Bella becomes a unicorn, it’s a bonus.” – Chrisanti Indiana shared with CNBC.