Alex Wagner Takes Over Rachel Maddow On MSNBC 9PM Show

It has been officially announced through interviews with Variety and The New York Times that Alex Wagner will be hosting the 9 o’clock program on MSNBC in the coming days. 

MSNBC president Rashida Jones’ promotion of Wagner is undoubtedly the most important programming decision she has made since taking complete control of MSNBC, a cable news channel a year ago. 

She was impressed with Wagner because, throughout her hosting, she pulls in perspective and brings in some of the contexts, as she describes. She mentioned how knowledgeable Wagner is about everything from politics and foreign policy to culture, which is one of the reasons why she chose her.

Wagner has already been acknowledged as the lead host for the remaining days of the schedule. Previously, Wagner served as an anchor for MSNBC. Earlier this year, she came back to the network as a senior political analyst and guest anchor. She has also been a co-host of “The Circus” on Showtime and is the author of “Futureface: A Family Mystery, an Epic Quest, and the Secret to Belonging,” which came out in 2018.

Jones added in a separate interview with The Times that the program is not a show in which the team has their hair on fire, are yelling at one another, and are creating manufactured moments of tension on set.  The greatest takeaway from the show, according to Jones, should be a better understanding of what’s going on in the world.