‘Asian Founded’ Creator Esther Lee Highlights AAPI Businesses Through Creative Content

This May, Asian Founded celebrates its first Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Journalist Esther Lee has always been a huge advocate of the API community and highlighting Asian excellence, which led to the creation of “Asian Founded.”

When Lee saw the practical impact a viral video could have on a business, she decided to launch a social media agency that works with Asian-owned companies and brands. From sweatpants, pandan donuts, and beauty cosmetics, Lee is looking to create awareness and a one-stop shop for the API businesses.

As part of their community investment, they offer free gifts on Instagram or TikTok. Asian Founded’s content is a fruit of Lee and the community’s teamwork. The videos are sometimes created by Lee or recorded by customers of the business and re-purposed for marketing. One business owner saw a 500% increase in their Shopify visits.

As of this writing, Asian founded has over 50k followers on Tiktok and 11.6k followers on Instagram. Know more about Asian business and connect with Asian Founded through their email: social@asianfounded.com