Award-Winning Director Ang Lee To Direct Bruce Lee’s Latest Biopic With Son As Lead Role

Multi-award-winning director Ang Lee is set to direct Bruce Lee’s latest biopic with his son Mason Lee playing the role.

The martial arts legend died young at 32 in 1973, a month before “Enter the Dragon,” the first Hollywood/Hong Kong film he co-produced, was set to premiere as mentioned in NBC News.

Since his passing, many biopics have been made like Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, Bruce Lee: A Dragon Story, Bruce Lee: The Man, and many more.

And now, the Academy Award–winning director of “Brokeback Mountain” and “Life of Pi,” along with Lawrence Grey, Ben Everard, Brian Bell, and Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter, will be directing and co–producing his newest biopic in honor of him as an actor, style icon, leader, and philosopher who brought martial arts to the global stage.

Ang’s son, Mason Lee, who is known for his roles in “Hangover Part II” and “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk,” will be playing the role.

“Accepted as neither fully American nor Fully Chinese, Bruce Lee was a bridge between East and West who introduced Chinese Gung Fu to the world, a scientist of combat and an iconic performing artist who revolutionized both the martial arts and action cinema,” Ang Lee was quoted saying.

He also said that he feels driven to share the story of this intelligent, singular human being who craved belonging, possessed incredible strength in a 135-pound frame, and through unrelenting hard work, converted impossible goals into reality.

Ang Lee is the first person of color to win the Oscar for best director and directed the 2000 martial arts film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” the highest-grossing foreign-language film in U.S. history. 

As an accomplished director, 12 of his 38 films which were nominated for Academy Awards won. 

Meanwhile, 3000 Pictures president Elizabeth Gabler said that Ang has long dreamed of directing Bruce Lee’s biopic, an inspirational tale of twists and turns, a story of the timeless premier real-life action hero.