Awkwafina Knows Best About How She Is Still More Financially Great Living On $500 A Month

Even though the Crazy Rich Asians actress’ wealth is likely in the millions, she believes that a mere $500 per month is sufficient to cover her expenses.

The 32-year-old actress recently told Harper’s Bazaar that her money philosophy goes back to when she was building her Awkwafina musical and comedy persona, which she used as an outlet for her creativity while she worked a day job in book publicity.

Her grandmother brought her up in a one-bedroom apartment in Queens, New York. Because her family’s restaurant went out of business and they were forced to sell their home, she has developed a greater appreciation for monetary gain than any other aspect of her life.  

Awkwafina remembers that funds were tight at home and that she would stay up late with her grandma, who worried about paying the bills.

She also claims that despite being in a better financial position to support her family and herself, she still maintains a just-the-basics mentality. The actress has been known to buy clothes at Target and not spend much money on anything. She set out with the simple objective of covering her living expenses. 

She explains to Harper’s Bazaar, “I went into this mode off, if I can make $500 a month, that’s all I need.” 

Awkwafina’s motivation and success are attributed mainly to her refreshingly optimistic view of financial considerations. She has kept herself busy acting in the years since, including launching her comedy series on Comedy Central and becoming the first Asian-American actress to win the Golden Globe for best actress for her lead role in the 2019 drama “The Farewell.”