Bankrupt Chinese Restaurant Owner Bounces Back To Pay $6.4 Million Debt Through Sausage-Selling

“We are born with nothing. Why be scared of starting all over again?” says Chinese Tang Jian after starting up a street food stall in Hangzhou, China following his business bankruptcy which left him with $6.4 million.

At 52, the former millionaire Chinese restaurant proprietor is positive of earning funds to pay his multi-million debt by selling barbecued sausages.

Thus, his optimism put netizens in awe as a person, who despite losing his 16-year-old business venture and everything he had because of the unsuccessful investment in the landscape engineering industry, is still hopeful of being able to recover from the downfall.

Tang was once a successful businessman starting at the age of 36. However, because of the fruitless outlay, he was compelled to sell everything he founded through his business including his restaurants, homes, and cars.

Still unable to pay his debts in full, Tang decided to put up the small-time sausage-selling business.

Tang proudly exclaimed that “Every sausage is genuinely filled with meat, and there is no starch in it. When compared with those sold in amusement parks or markets, ours will make you feel safer,” as quoted in South China Morning Post.

Upon knowing that his story trended in social media, Tang explained that it was because all of us face our own challenges in life, however, we must always have that strong spirit of winning each battle. 

He also said that he is really determined to settle his debts although still uncertain when it would be.

Tang shared that bravery is a key to overcoming hardships and going on in life and that we should always seek strength, especially during hard times.