Chloe Kim’s Olympic Struggles and Her Desire to Win Gold

Chloe Kim, the youngest female Olympic gold medalist in snowboarding history revealed that she maintains a complicated relationship with her mementos as a halfpipe champion. 

She was overwhelmed by the pressure of her title as she dived blindly into a life of fame. When won a Silver Medal in Halfpipe at 13, she faced racism with people telling her to return to China. After her record-breaking win at the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, Chloe Kim experienced bullying, saying that the common consensus amongst fans was “she is a bitch”. 

Chloe debunks that notion and explains that it was the Olympic stress weighing her down. She was frustrated that people recognized and followed her everywhere when all she wanted was “a day where I [she] was left alone.” Although she appreciated the love, Chloe wished, “people could understand what I [she] was going through up to that point.”

While Kim had trouble understanding why she has to balance fame and private life in her early days, she’s learned to do better now. “I guess I would tell my younger self that even though things get hard and people are mean to you or whatever, it’ll get better, and you’re going to realize that you have so much good happening in your life, that the bad isn’t going to hurt you.”

Chloe Kim, who joined TEAM USA at 13, guns for Gold in the Beijing Olympics, starting February 3. The young Olympian knows and carries the expectation with grace as she practices ahead of the games and said that she had new tricks up her sleeves.