Classic Japanese Soba Restaurant Sarashina Horii Brings Its Signature Soba To Manhattan

The 230-year-old Tokyo’s famed Soba restaurant Sarashina Horii has launched its New York branch on East 20th street, the first-ever outside Japan.

This high-end soba restaurant began as a small shop in Tokyo in 1789. Its signature handmade Sarashina soba noodles are made from the innermost part of Japanese buckwheat, which produces pure white noodles with a delicate aroma, smooth texture, and refined flavor.

Sarashina Horii currently has three restaurants in Tokyo, and the company’s ninth-generation member of the Horii family is carrying on the family’s culinary tradition.

Another restaurant specialty, Mori soba, is made from 80% whole buckwheat grain and 20% wheat flour, darker in color, and has a more robust flavor. Soba noodles have a higher protein content and less gluten than other noodles.

While soba is Sarashina Horii’s specialty, their extensive menu includes modern Japanese and seasonal dishes, sushi rolls, tempuras, seafood, desserts, and a wide variety of drinks including ginjo, nigori, and wines.