Deluxe Expands in Southeast Asia With Former Netflix Korea Exec Samantha Kim

Samantha Kim, a former executive of Netflix Korea, has been appointed by a leading global provider of digital and cloud-based solutions Deluxe, to fill the role of Managing Director, Business Development, for the Asia Pacific region.

Kim, who will have his base in Seoul, will be responsible for supervising Deluxe’s efforts to implement growth in localization and mastery throughout Southeast Asia, particularly in the countries of Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, and the Philippines.

“It’s an incredible opportunity for Deluxe to strengthen its presence in Asia and provide global media services to local and global partners while supporting their international content launches.” Kim said.

During her four years with Netflix, she played a role in developing the company’s global content strategy, including constructing the streamer’s Korean team and driving strategy for the deployment of its Korean content. She also worked at Discovery, Iyuno, and Samsung in conventional media, cable production, localization, and OTT.

Anna Lee, Chief Strategy Officer at Deluxe, expressed her delight that Kim will be leading the company’s efforts to expand its presence in Southeast Asia in order to meet the company’s expanding demands.