Earthquake Victim With Amputated Legs Masters Dancing With Husband’s Self-Made Prosthetic Limbs

Nothing is impossible to 30-year-old Liao Zhi of Sichuan, China who lost her legs during an earthquake in 2008 but now mastered the art of dancing while wearing high heels with her now husband’s self-made prosthetic legs.

The Chinese former dance teacher caught the online community’s attention with her talent and story being an epitome of hope and faithfulness.

“It’s like she dances with life,” a netizen commented.

During the tragic incident in Sichuan where Zhi was trapped in the ruins of a building for 30 hours, she not only lost her legs but the most important persons in her life, her 10-month-old daughter who died in the disaster and her husband who divorced her seven months after the tragedy.

Being the only one to survive in the devastated building, the brave woman neither shed a tear nor complained of everything she went through including her legs being amputated.

Instead, Zhi said that “The earthquake gave me rebirth.”

After learning to walk with her artificial limbs, Zhi moved on from the nightmare by continuing and staging her passion in different places.

Although the training had been difficult and painful, Zhi was determined in doing what she loves. 

According to the South China Morning Post, she and her husband-dance partner defeated competitors in China and won as first runner-up in the reality show Dance Out My Life in 2013. 

Her husband became her strong support in recovering from her downfall.

Despite having been through a lot, Zhi remained optimistic. “Dance is my ray of sunshine, and while I would also be fine if I didn’t dance, I would not feel the same sense of joy that it gives me when I do,” she said.

Being an inspiration to many, Zhi’s life story was turned into a play entitled Angel’s Psalm that was staged at Kwai Tsing Theatre in 2015.

In an article by CCTGN, it was said that Liao is currently a happy wife as well as a proud mother. However, she is still fighting for a higher ambition – helping more people like her to recover their life value.