Filipino Entrepreneur Cultivates Family’s Land With A Goal Of Providing Food For Every Family’s Table

The Philippines, like many countries around the world, is dealing with skyrocketing food inflation due to supply issues and high fuel costs. 

26-year-old Mark Ezzer Ligan, from Bacolod, Philippines, has learned how to start and sustain his farm by producing vegetables such as okra, eggplant, soursop, and coconut in his family’s 3-hectare plot of land called MBL Integrated Farm. He also raises imported goats from Australia, cows, carabaos, and chickens.

Mark continues to cultivate the land and raise livestock to increase community production. He ensures sufficient supplies from eggs to vegetables and corn to fresh milk for the general public. As a farmer, he believes it is his responsibility to ensure that everyone has enough to eat.

More than 80% of Filipinos eat goat meat, but there are only two major commercial goat farms in the Philippines. The opportunity for growth for goat farmers is also substantial in light of this booming market.

Even more importantly, he benefits financially from their crop yields. Mark worked so hard that the provincial government of Negros Occidental recognized him as the 2019 Oustanding Young Animal Raiser. His success hasn’t hindered him from his commitment to his main goal of providing food, especially during the pandemic.