Former Caregiver Now CEO Of Multi-Million Dollar Companies In The US

Stirred by her dream, perseverance, and thrust, Filipina-American Maye Felices-McDonald etches her name as the owner and CEO of quite a few businesses in the US such as GETMEFIT Slimming Products, and Mama’s Angels Senior Care.

Maye’s voyage was not a piece of cake. She developed her entrepreneurial skills as a vendor of sweets and paper dolls in school when she was still a kid, as a caretaker of her mother’s sari-sari store (sundry store), and as a student assistant when she was in college while studying Ladderized Nursing.

In 2017, Maye started as a part-time caregiver who made her car home for eight long months. Eventually, she courageously established her own caregiving firm named Mama’s Angels Care and later on catered to and met the caregiving demands in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia starting with three caregivers to 49 healthcare providers at present. With this, she was also able to help fellow Filipinos by hiring them into her company.

As a dream-chaser, Maye capitalized on her 5Ps: Passion, Persistency, Perseverance, Positive Mindset, and the Power of Resilience which led her to the realization of her dreams which she found in the US.

As her business considerably grew, it became distinguished in the US, and in September this year, she proudly ramped up her well-known product on the esteemed New York Fashion Week runway putting in high spot her advocacy of unifying health, wellness, fitness, and fashion and her drive to take part in her young ambassadors’ will of fostering mental health awareness to the young ones.

Maye toiled and worked hard in achieving her dreams making her more than deserving of receiving laurels for her successful business undertakings along the lines of Modern CEO, Most Influential Young CEO for Business and Entrepreneurship, and Best Slimming Product of USA.