Former King 5 Anchor Lori Matsukawa Receives One Of Japan’s Highest Honors

Lori Matsukawa, a former Hawaii resident, and Seattle news anchor received the ‘Order of the Rising Sun Sun, Gold and Silver Rays’, one of Japan’s highest honors.

The award was for her contribution to promoting Japan-U.S. friendship. “This is a true honor and thrill for me because for the last several years, I’ve been really working hard to connect people in Japan and people in the United States on a person-to-person basis,” Matsukawa told KING 5.

The award was more generally bestowed upon distinguished members of the Japanese military since 1875, but in 2003, the honor was extended to women.

Matsukawa was a well-known journalist for the Seattle media and KING 5, as well as a former president of the Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Washington. She brought to light important events in Japanese American history, particularly those that occurred during World War II, through her reporting.

Her Emmy-award-winning documentaries centered on the detention of Japanese people in the Pacific Northwest during World War II.

Matsukawa was also instrumental in founding a chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association.

King County has designated June 29, 2019, as Lori Matsukawa Day in honor of her retirement.