Former Teachers Went Outside of Their Comfort Zones, Found Success in MilkTea-Inspired Taho Shop

Both Filipino educators, Camille Ona and Marvin Paclibare found a different world and passion out of their classrooms during the pandemic as teachers-turned-entrepreneurs and founders of Taho Klasiko, a special milk tea-inspired taho shop.

Breaking free from their first-loved profession, the two sculpt their name as entrepreneurs who choose to walk into another path.

Marvin said that if not for the pandemic, he might still be teaching now just as he thought that he would forever be a teacher. He also added how he realized that there is a bigger world waiting outside teaching.

With people becoming more mindful of their health, especially during the onslaught of the pandemic, Marvin said that they eyed tendering a healthier version of milk tea.

The shop attained a grand slam as the two now earn 6-digit figures per month, an amount far way better than their incomes as teachers in the Philippines.

Camille mentioned in an interview that although they are still passionate about teaching, they just chose to be practical.

Despite entering the world of business, the owners are still having the vibe of teaching as entrepreneurs who are open to learning and improving their craft just like when they were still teaching.

They also shared that they hired working students to extend help to them. 

As a piece of advice, the former teachers said that would-be entrepreneurs should go outside of their comfort zones and open their ways to many opportunities.

“It’s not enough that you have a dream; you need to work hard to make it a reality,” Camille added.