Former Wacoal Marketing Executive Kristin DiCunzolo Leads Her Way For Lingerie Brand Lively As Newest CEO

Lingerie companies continue to operate in the same outmoded ways, but times have changed and the industry is ready for advancement and growth.

Despite the fact that the founder and current CEO of Lively, Michelle Cordeiro Grant is stepping down to manage the transition and assist with the company’s PR and brand partnerships.

Lively was founded in 2015 as a lingerie brand focused on comfort and style. New CEO, Kristin DiCunzolo, will be appointed to take charge of concentrating solely on the brand’s global growth.

DiCunzolo has extensive experience with the company’s structure and operations from her time as vice president of marketing and helped lead at parent company Wacoal America Inc., which Lively can leverage more.

Today, consumers desire higher-quality underwear, particularly for women. LivelyÔÇÖs other goal is to attract a younger demographic. The U.S. market for women’s underwear is predicted to reach $14.5 billion in 2026, up from $12.9 billion in 2021, according to market researcher Euromonitor International.

Lively understands it must abandon traditional marketing strategies to grow sales and survive in today’s competitive market. Ms. Cordeiro Grant believes Lively’s new mission is to revitalize the company’s reputation by strengthening its connection with its clients on an individual level, and that DiCunzolo’s skills as a former Marketing Executive will benefit the company.

Ms. DiCunzolo has stated that she hopes to place an emphasis on Lively’s customer interaction. While strategically adjusting to the ever-changing environment, she intends to maintain the Lively community’s centrality in decision-making, maintain the brand’s focus on its team, and preserve the brand’s vision and heart.