From ‘Power Rangers’ Star to Power Mom: How Jennifer Yen Juggles Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

Former actress Jennifer Yen launched Purlisse and YENSA, her own skincare and cosmetics line infused with Asian botanicals and inspired by Asian rituals.

Jennifer debuted as a villain on “Power Rangers” in the early 2000s. The Chinese-American actress suffered the drawbacks of excessive wearing of heavy makeup on set. But it’s only a decade later, after giving birth to her daughter, that she began her skincare journey.

Due to her pregnancy and the hormonal shifts her body underwent, Jennifer faced multiple skin problems like adult acne, eczema, and rosacea. Her mother then advised her to try Zuo Zue Zi, an ancient Chinese postpartum ritual in which she would spend the following 30 days at home recovering and resting while also nourishing her body with superfoods to hasten the healing process – and it worked!

She loves influencing her products from her culture and giving them a modern touch. She wants to inspire women to believe in their beauty and have confidence to face the world, regardless of their age and stage.

As a mom and an entrepreneur, Jennifer makes sure to cater to her daughter every day, cooking food for her, helping with her homework, making sure she is bathed and tucked in bed, and at the same time, running a business.

But despite her busy schedule, she always finds time to do the things she enjoys and that help her take care of herself, including exercising, reading, and taking care of her skin. She says that self-care is not just about having lazy days or long naps, it could be anything.

Jennifer believes that women can have both – be a mom and have a successful career. And this is what she wants to teach her child and all the other women out there.