This CEO Transformed Lost Fishing Nets Into Sustainable One-Of-A-Kind Bikinis

Plastic pollution harms our planet and health, but thankfully, companies like Copenhagen Cartel are combating this environmental problem by converting lost or abandoned fishing nets into bikinis with a modern twist on an ancient textile tradition.

Copenhagen Cartel’s founder and ocean lover, Katrine Lee Larsen, was motivated to help mitigate the adverse effects of plastic use and came up with a “brilliant solution” destined to become a global superstar.

Launched in 2019, Copenhagen Cartel has produced swimwear and athletic wear from ocean waste plastic. The deadly ‘ghost nets’ that would otherwise waste away in the ocean and kill countless marine life can be put to good use in this way. Compared to making brand-new nylon, Copenhagen Cartel’s manufacturing process uses less energy and resources.

Larsen views each day as a fresh challenge while launching her own company. Moreover, as a true nature lover, she has been guided and helped by her purpose. She feels the entrepreneurial world is dominated by masculine values that leave little room for feelings and higher goals. However, her experience has shown that a focused, emotional strategy can be very beneficial. She believes a new era of entrepreneurs will emerge due to shifting to a mindset that values meaning over financial gain.

Larsen is an entrepreneur herself, and she has been through the experience of seeing the ocean being depleted of its resources. Despite this, she knows that there is still room for change, which drives her to continue to assist the environment and natural resources.