Husband And Wife Duo Brings Junghwa Cuisine To the Bay Area

The owners of the popular Inner Sunset Korean superette, Queens, debuted their new Korean-Chinese restaurant on Taraval Street last March.

‘Hotline’ serves classic Junghwa cuisine out of steam pans from which customers can choose sides and entrees to make their own combos so they can try a little bit of everything. Junghwa food originated in the 1800s when Chinese immigrants relocated to Incheon in South Korea

Clara Lee and Eddo Kim, both Korean-Americans, grew up eating Korean-Chinese food at least once a week in their hometowns of New York and Los Angeles and thought of introducing the fusion cuisine to the Bay Area.

The restaurant offers a few combos anywhere from one to three entrees which include dishes such as minced pork with rice Gan Jjjang, stir-fried vermicelli dish Japchae Bap, vegan Gun Maddo made from impossible pork. The restaurant also serves beer and Korean wines such as Chum Chrum, Charmsoju, and ChungHa.