Jo Koy Makes History As The First Ever Comic Main Attraction At T-Mobile Arena

After Jo Koy’s recent successes, including the release of his two wildly popular Netflix specials,” In His Elements and Comin’ In Hot”, and the publication of his autobiographical debut book, entitled “Mixed Plate: Chronicles of an All-American Combo”, he is set to star as the first comic main attraction at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena on November 19.

This year, the Filipino-American actor-comedian embarked on his first nationwide arena tour for Easter Sunday, a feature film based on those personal anecdotes and his other comedic content that hit theaters which also starred Lydia Gaston, Eugene Cordero, Tia Carrere, and Lou Diamond Philipps. 

It was a life-changing experience for the 51-year-old, and he plans to continue creating films from behind the camera and helping other Filipinos, Asian Americans, and artists from different races.

Jo Koy first experienced comedy while still a student in Las Vegas and will return to the same city to fulfill his dream of becoming the first primary comic attraction to play at T-Mobile Arena.

“When I play T-Mobile Arena, I discover that I’m the first cartoonist to ever do it, which is sort of cool,” he told Las Vegas Magazine, “There are other venues in Las Vegas, including some very large ones, but T-location Mobile’s right on the Strip has a unique appeal,” Jo Koy adds.

He also mentioned that performing at arenas and other famous places abroad is beyond anything he could have imagined and that the realization of it drives him crazy.

After finishing the book and movie he’s been working on for several years, Jo Koy said that the process was challenging because there were many obstacles and firsts to tackle; it was the first time a Filipino actor portrayed the main character in a Hollywood production. He felt good about himself and appreciated Dreamworks and Universal for helping him.

“I want to keep creating. I want to highlight the other talent that is out there because I have been addicted to being in front of the camera,” Jo Koy continued, “Knowing how difficult it was for me, I want to keep the door open and showcase more potential, not just Filipino talent but talent from other countries and races that want to be recognized I want to see what I can do to help make it happen.”

Jo Koy also disclosed that he has his eye on a number of up-and-coming stand-up comedians, such as Matteo Lane, with whom he is now working, Asif Ali, and JR De Guzman.