K-pop Star Sorn Drops Her Highly-Anticipated New Solo Single “Sharp Objects”

Sorn is back and has just released her second single ‘Sharp Objects’ on February 24! She’s doing something completely different which can be seen in several behind-the-scenes recordings and TikToks followed by a mysterious teaser image for her first solo comeback with ‘Sharp Objects’.

Sorn wanted to show her audience an honest and more courageous side of herself when it comes to her music. She took a dark turn with a moody and angsty music video for ‘Sharp Objects’, as she compared love to toying with sharp objects. 

According to the Thai-born idol, she wanted to challenge herself with her first release as a solo artist and that was why she fell in love with ‘Sharp Objects’ right away. 

When her fans expressed their love of the conceptual similarities of Sorn’s music to the setting of the HBO show “Euphoria”, she was flattered as likes the show too. Sorn said that even though the similarities were coincidental, she was still glad that they’d decided to release her single during this time.

Sorn can’t wait to see how people will find a way to use her music on Tiktok. Fans should be expecting a cool dance challenge for ‘Sharp Objects’ soon.