Karen Chen’s Stunning Butterfly Dress was Handcrafted by Her Loving Mother

We can only imagine how much time and support parents of Olympians devote to their children’s athletic abilities. There are numerous practices, training sessions, competitions, and equipment to buy, among other things.

Karen Chen’s mother found a unique way to be part of her daughter’s incredible performance even going so far as to make the stunning outfit her daughter wore to the Olympics!

In an Instagram video for Team USA, the Olympic silver medalist revealed that her purple free skate dress was handcrafted by her mother, Hsiu-Hui Tseng. Bell sleeves, a fluted little skirt, and a deep-V illusion neckline are all beautifully adorned with rhinestone flowers and butterflies.

A few small details, in particular, reflect the thoughtful care that went into the outfit’s creation. Tseng strategically selected the stones and arranged them placed them to resemble a butterfly since Chen is skating to a “Butterfly Lovers’ Concerto” in her free program. 

The 22-year-old silver medalist was indeed a gorgeous butterfly on the ice!