Loose Leaf Boba Company Blends Third-wave Coffee And Tea With Cultural Inclusion

Loose Leaf Boba Company is not only well-known for its expert “bobaristas.” but also for its diverse cultural representation including Burmese, Thai, Filipino, and Hispanic. “Going out for boba” was a childhood tradition that assisted the company’s mission of unifying people by normalizing cultural differences.

The brand constantly values cultural inclusivity and also empowers BIPOC, AAPI, women, and the LGBTQ+ community.

Loose Leaf Boba Company’s sharp vision of “Building a Better Boba Company” comes to life every time a customer experiences a foreign favorite, for which they make beverages for customers to try global favorites. This means making tasty beverages like Vietnamese Egg Coffee or Mexican-inspired Guava Atole.

Founded in 2012 by husband and wife duo Thomas and Jasmine Liu in West Covina, the viral third-wave shop has locations across the United States, including Connecticut, California, and Massachusetts.  This bubble tea tycoon has big plans to grow large retail sites in metro Dallas, TX, Northampton, MA, and Hadley, MA.