Lush Enterprises CEO Kim-Manzolini Took Trading To The Next Level To Build Her Empire

Who wouldn’t want to engage in something that generates value? It took a while before you could achieve something like this. You had to be determined and keep going to get through the process. 

Think about how CEO Sun Yong Kim-Manzolini runs Lush Enterprises as an entrepreneur and, at the same, an investor. After working in the medical field for 33 years, she transitioned into entrepreneurship and trading options. She used her same can-do spirit and created opportunities.

All of her struggles, Kim-Manzolini told the USA Today, have helped to mold her into the woman she is today. She grew up as an orphan in Korea and was adopted by an American couple at 14. As an adult, she got into an unhealthy relationship but eventually got the courage to leave and move forward.

Kim-Manzolini knows that changing careers requires a great deal of hard work and self-control on her part. For years, she dedicated many hours per day to studying the ins and outs of the options trading industry and eventually mastered it. She simply had faith that she could pull it off, so she gave it her all without holding back.

Trading options expose investors to a diverse range of potentially significant risks. Even a single misfortune can completely wipe out a trader’s profits on the foreign exchange market due to the high risk associated with trading. But Kim-Manzolini did not let the challenges she faced discourage her, as she started gaining a new perspective on the situation. Instead of questioning why her experience was challenging, she adopted the mantra “Why not me?”

And as a result, she made $178,000 in her first year of live trading. Kim-Manzolini is now the owner of a multi-million dollar business. Her understanding of how to trade successfully was aided by the incredible commitment and sacrifice she made. 

The fact that Kim-Manzolini didn’t give up when it would have been simpler to do so is something for which she is grateful. She decided to focus on the positive aspects of the situation rather than ruminating on the potential downsides. She also put in a lot of time and energy and came up with a unique approach.