Manhattan’s Chinatown Receives $20M Funding For 11 Post-pandemic Revitalization Projects

Manhattan’s Chinatown is one of the neighborhoods that has been impacted the most severely by the pandemic.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul unveiled eleven transformational projects that would be part of the initiative to help the Chinatown community reopen corridors, restaurants, businesses, and cultural institutions. 

The projects include:

  • Renovating Kimlau Square
  • Beautifying the Park Row connection to Chinatown
  • Upgrading a section of Sara D. Roosevelt Park
  • Installing murals and light projection art throughout Chinatown
  • Expanding light-up Chinatown street lanterns
  • Opening a community health & wellness center
  • Reopening the childcare and family support center at Smith Houses
  • Creating a Building Upgrades Fund
  • Creating a Chinatown welcome arch/gateway
  • Establishing Asian Culinary Arts of New York
  • Establishing the Chinatown Cultural Welcome Center

“These critical investments will transform the neighborhood and create a more vibrant and inviting destination for locals and visitors alike while enriching the neighborhood by improving foot traffic, economic and cultural activity.” Governor Hochul said in a statement.