Meet The First Filipino-American Woman Who Took Home The Miss Texas USA Crown

Just one week after Averie Bishop was named the first Asian American Miss America Texas, R’Bonney Gabriel, a Filipino American fashion designer from Bayou City just won the title.

Each year Miss Texas USA competition contestants compete in one of two distinct but equally prestigious crowns. 

There is a distinction between the two Miss Texas crowns, and since Gabriel just won the Miss Texas USA competition, which falls under the Miss Universe umbrella, she will now proceed to represent the state of Texas in the Miss USA competition that will take place later on in this year. 

In the event that Gabriel is able to win, she will be eligible to compete for the title of Miss Universe, whereas Bishop will only move on to take part in the Miss America pageant.

The Houstonian, whose mother is from Texas and whose father is from the Philippines,  founded the “eco-conscious” fashion label R’Bonney Nola, under which she specializes in the use of environmentally responsible design methods for gowns, casual wear, and T-shirts. She wore some of her own designs to the fashion show this weekend. 

The 28-year-old is also a sewing instructor for the local non-profit design house Magpies & Peacocks, an organization to promotes environmental responsibility in artistic communities.