Moji Masala’s Small Packs Full Of Robust Indian Spice Blends Make Cooking Easy

Indian food is considered the most diverse and unique cuisine in the world. Since most of their dishes are so complicated that you’d want to have them only in a restaurant. So, husband and wife duo John David Walsh and Shireen Qadri wanted to make authentic Indian cooking easy for everyone – and it’s amazing!

Moji Masala, which means “Mom’s spice blend” in Kashmiri, offers fresh ground pre-measured single-pack spice blends available for meat lovers, vegetarians, and vegans. All Moji Masala’s spice blends are freshly ground, hand-packed, and made in small batches.

Qadri’s mother and aunts shared their spice blends and guided her in developing dishes. She then spent two years refining recipes that were both simple and flavorful.

Shop, scan, watch and cook – each single-serving spice packet includes cooking instructions as well as a QR code that leads to a website with a video showing you how to make a specific Indian cuisine, with most meals ready in under 30 minutes and are good for three to five people. 

Moji Masala’s spices are organically certified, pesticide-free, non-irradiated, and non-fumigated. Walsh and Quadri are also devoted to collaborating with environmentally and socially responsible farmers that pay fair wages.