Netflix celebrates Asian Diaspora with their new Social Media Channel Golden

Netflix has introduced @NetflixGolden, a new Twitter and Instagram dedicated to championing stories from the Asian diaspora, which joins the online streaming platform’s other audience-focused and genre verticals – Strong Black Lead, Netflix Film, Con Todo, Geeked, Netflix Is a Joke, and Most.

“We have so many more wonderful, nuanced stories to tell. We know the audience is there, and truly the purpose of Golden is to be that platform to celebrate and champion our community.” Netflix VP editorial and publishing Michelle Lee, mentions in an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Original social franchises focusing on Netflix talent from the diaspora and around the globe will be featured on Golden, starting with ‘Spill the Boba Tea’, an interview series by Wong Fu Productions in collaboration with Bopomofo Cafe, which was launched last summer.

‘Spill the Boba Tea’ will be released on January 27 with an episode featuring Ashley Park of  ‘Emily in Paris‘.

Former Allure magazine editor-in-chief, Michelle Lee’s first major initiative is to launch Golden on Netflix’s official companion site Tudum since she joined the company last summer.

In keeping with the intersectional nature of identity, Lee adds that all of Netflix’s editorial and social channels will continue to explore collaborations with each other and partnerships where appropriate.