New LA-Based Firm ‘541 Ventures’ Aims To Globally Empower Asian Tech Innovators

Founder-turned investor and a former Techstars Managing Director, Eunse Lee, announces the launch of a new LA-based venture capital firm, 541 Ventures. 

Lee has been investing in North American, APAC, and European firms and said that he has watched Asian IT entrepreneurs succeed,  “Interestingly however, there’s no source of capital that really understands them and is dedicated to empower them!”  

The firm is operating dual offices in Los Angeles and Seoul in South Korea. With its goal to become an iconic investor for Asian innovators in frontier innovation, 541 Ventures will invest in emerging tech firms from the US and APAC ecosystems such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and Australia. 

It also intends to empower at least 20 highly technological businesses to bring global innovation and develop industries. “At 541, we define frontier tech as a fundamental technology which everybody will have to use in the future if the founders are right.” said Lee.

They are looking to back deeply technical startups in the spaces of big data management and processing, according to Lee, as well as sustainable ultra-high performance computing, human-device interfaces, cybersecurity and energy solutions and energy-related infrastructure, “as those are the areas we’ll see massive inflection points in the near future!” he added.