Philippines together with 3 fellow Tropical Southeast Asian Countries carving their paths for their first Winter Olympic win

Although snow will never be experienced in Southeast Asia, this does not prevent athletes from the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Timor Leste from partaking a total of eight competitors competing on the slopes in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Lone representatives of their country, Yohan Goutt Goncalves of French-East Timorese ethnicity and Asa Miller of the Philippines will compete in the men’s giant slalom event in China.

Thailand will be represented by Jaiman Mida Fah, Zanon Nicola, Karen Chanloung, and her brother Mark Chanloung. While Alpine skiers Aruwin Salehhudin and Jeffrey Webb will compete for Malaysia.

During sessions, Goncalves and Miller even shared a bond as they prepared for their event on February 13 at Yanqing National Alpine Skiing Centre.

According to the 27-year old skier Gonclaves, Miller is a very good skier and believes that Miller could even be faster than him.

Goncalves raced in the slalom event at the previous two Olympics. He finished 43rd in Sochi 2014 but failed to finish in 2018. These previous disappointments inspired him to pursue the elusive podium finish for his country.

The French-East Timorese skier is eager to lend his support to other Southeast Asian athletes. “We are still very far from a medal but what is important is that Timor Leste is represented here,” He added “With the Malaysian skiers as well, we really encourage each other.” We train together, give each other advice, and stick together.”