Son of Restaurant Owners Now CEO of Multi-Million Dollar Company Casetify Imparts Tips To Successful Entrepreneurship

With a feeling of discontent towards the smartphone case designs available in the market, Hongkong native Wesley Ng co-founded Casetify, a multi-million dollar company that manufactures and produces cool smartphone cases.

The 41-year-old CEO takes his business-mindedness from his parents who own a restaurant in their region.

Ng established the business in 2011 together with his friend Ronald Yeung which has now reached over 15 million phone case sales around the world.

As an entrepreneur-grown man, Ng’s mindset is to make profits. According to him, it’s the most important thing to survive, as quoted in CNBC Make It.

“It comes down to one thing — being profitable. Being profitable was super underrated until recently,” he said in a virtual interview. 

Ng proudly shared that Casetify will be attaining $300 million in returns for this year alone.

Furthermore, he advised others to venture into businesses that make fortune and are cost-effective and to learn from other entrepreneurs just like how he learned from his mom and dad.

With his success in the chosen industry, Ng imparts hints to be a self-made millionaire in business:

1.Bootstrapping. Starting with $200,000 capital, Ng shared that he and Ronald always did things and operated out of the interests of the company and not of the stakeholders.

2. Overshare your problems. Business is a give-and-take process, it’s surprising how we can learn from others. Although it may seem a weakness for others to know your struggles as an entrepreneur, it is still fundamental to share and learn from them.

3. Entrepreneurship ‘not for everyone.’ Ng shared that knowing if “it’s for you” is important and to discover if it really is, you should “work closely with a founder” or link with beginners to know how hard it will be.

The successful CEO said that being a producer of a product he is really fond of is what keeps him on the move.