Sunil Kumar To Sit As The First Person Color President of Tufts University in 2023

The Board of Trustees commissioned Indian politician Sunil Kumar as the 14th president of Tufts University, Massachusetts in 2023 succeeding President Anthony P. Monaco, after the latter’s 12-year term.

Kumar is currently a provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Johns Hopkins University and was once the dean of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and is a competent operations manager.

The head of the commission on presidential search and BOT, Peter Dolan, proudly exclaimed that Kumar’s never-ending dedication to providing first-rate tertiary education and extraordinary track in leadership, teaching, and interpersonal skills are essential as a presidential successor. 

Furthermore, Kumar’s colleagues at Johns Hopkins mentioned him as a wholesome partner and co-worker who has the distinct qualifications of an outstanding leader.

Looking back at how Kumar started, he is a son of a police officer who attained his master’s in Computer Science Automation at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore two years after he completed his bachelor’s degree at Mangalore University in 1990. While having his master’s, he met a professor from the University of Illinois who enlisted him in the prestigious university for a doctorate program which he finished in 1996.

Kumar had his first teaching experience at Stanford Graduate School of Business where he exclaimed how was amazed to be paid for the work he is passionate about and after more than a decade there, he became the Dean of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, leading him to the provost and senior vice president posts in Johns Hopkins in 2016.

Nonetheless, he said that being a mathematician served him well in his profession.

Prior to being named as the new president, Kumar already has his eyes on Tufts because of its pursuit of serving not just those who are inside the school but the wider community outside its premises.

As the newly-elected leader to sit on July 1, 2023, Kumar’s mission is to reach out to people to a greater degree by giving them an opportunity to know the school by experience and make that experience extraordinary.