Teen Student Entrepreneur Earns Millions Through Online Business Thanks To Mother’s Mentorship

16-year-old Irish Oloris from the Philippines has not only been successful in launching her beauty products business, but she also inspires others to follow their dreams and make them a reality. 

She wasn’t interested in starting her own business when she was young, but after being mentored by her entrepreneur mother, she learned the strategies and tried them. Today, she was able to make her first millions from the sale of skincare and other beauty products in her online shop Irish White Corp.

Irish has decided to invest in land in Zambales, Philippines, and is now a property owner at a very young age. With her motivation and inspiration, she desires to continue her online business to generate additional funds for her college education.

The young CEO encourages other young people like her to dream big and begin early. One of her favorite quotes is ‘Dream at a very young age,’ because for Irish there are no limits to dreams. She thinks it’s wise to lay the groundwork for future success by first focusing on the little things.  

Irish proved that any young person with an entrepreneurial spirit can establish a business at any age. Can you imagine what you could accomplish if you get going right this minute?