Teen Wolf’s Arden Cho declines return for movie over a ‘disrespectful’ 50 percent pay gap between her co-stars

Arden Cho, who is the only Asian actor among the main cast, has reportedly turned down the upcoming revival film of Paramount+’s ‘Teen Wolf’ after she was offered half the salary of her co-stars.

Paramount+ received a huge backlash from fans on social media for being “disrespectful” of the Teen Wolf actress.

“We have no choice but to stan, especially considering how dirty they treated her for season six.”, one fan tweeted.

Kira Yukimura, played by Cho, was first brought in as a recurring role in the third season of the famous teen show. Kira was cast as a regular on the show the following season, however, in 2016, Cho’s character was written out in the sixth and final season of the show, which she announced in a YouTube video.

The 36-year-old actor will next be seen in the 10-part series legal drama, ‘Partner Track’, which is based on Helen Wan’s eponymous novel. The show will be released later this year on Netflix.