The Night Market 2022: A Place to Share Culture and Celebrate Asian Culinary Excellence

Night markets have been part of the way of life all over Asia. It usually starts with just a simple thing, vendors needed a place to sell and so they gather in one place – and it is always a fun and exciting night.

Taiwanese American Tiffany Alexandria brought the night market to Rochester in Minnesota, to share culture through food. “It’s hard to share culture or tell a story without the environment being set right to do so. I think you always have a better experience if it’s more of an immersive experience.” she tells Post Bulletin, “You smell the smell, you see the lights, you see different scenery and you try different flavors and different foods, and that will make a bigger impact than trying one new food.

Tiffany, who is also a photographer and an artist, established Choochoo-ca-Chew, a catering and cuisine promotion business, to spread the Taiwanese dishes that she enjoyed eating while she was growing up.

When asked about repeating big blowout events with a huge attendance, she pointed out that for the night market to sustain itself and be able to continue, it can’t be somebody killing themselves organizing a giant event, “So it has to be more chill. Markets in Taiwan and most Asian places start because vendors needed a place to sell and they just gathered. So it wasn’t as much of an organized event” she explains to Post Bulletin that it can be more organic and natural.

This year’s night markets begin on July 2nd with more dates, a larger location, and more vendors. The Night Market will be held every two weeks through August 27 at 307 E. Center St.

The final event which will be on the 10th of September will happen during Mid Autumn Festival, a major Chinese and East Asian festival at Mayo Civic Center.

Visit their website to know more about the Night Market.