These Women Founded A Pregnancy and Postpartum Meal Service To Support Mothers Nutrionally

During the pandemic, Jennifer Jolorte Doro (a nutritionist) and Irene Liu (a businesswoman), started Chiyo, a meal service tailored to the different stages of pregnancy and postpartum.

When Liu was in business school, her aunt had a baby and her mom took care of her aunt by making Taiwanese meals traditionally eaten by women in the postpartum period. This is when she started doing more research and realized that there were ancient cultures that had the same tradition of caring for women during this time.

Before forming their startup, Doro has been cooking meals using Eastern food therapy for ladies attempting to conceive to those in the postpartum stage.

They started the business in 2020 and are now shipping nationwide from a kitchen in Kearny, New Jersey.

One of their regulars is Justine Pak, a Korean American who just gave birth to Baby Zion. During her postpartum journey, Pak claimed she felt much better than anticipated. She and her husband have been purchasing weekly meals from Chiyo for months.

Despite the fact that the dishes contain numerous Asian ingredients, the owners claim that their consumer base is only 25% Asian American. Every ingredient that Chiyo uses has a purpose.