This Street Vendor Selling “Magic Water” Proves That No One Is Too Small To Be Successful

Priscilla Cornejo, better known as Nanay Bebe to the local people (“Nanay” means mother in Filipino), has been selling her magical water to the community since 1980 in the Philippines. She is convinced that her drink’s distinctive flavor is why so many customers seek out her business.

Magic Water, or known to be its local term “Samalamig” is also recognized as a leading refreshing drink in the Philippines. Despite coming from modest means, Nanay Bebe makes it her mission each day to quench the thirst of those hungry for success.

She explained that her drink is not just ordinary cold water. It has clear agar, sugar, mineral water, and tons of ice. When the agar hits the ice, it tends to melt, creating the ‘magic water,’ that will surely quench your thirst. 

Her business may not look like much compared to big companies or restaurants, as she only sells on the street, but it has tremendous growth potential. Nanay Bebe sells her magic water for PHP5 or PHP10 ($0.08 or $0.17) in small plastic bags, cups or some customers even bring their own Aquaflask or tumblers. From what she described, weekly earnings for her business could reach PHP35,000 ($600).

An endless line of curious onlookers from the street awaits to sample Nanay Bebe’s magic water. Many online publications, including those dedicated to food and social news, have featured it. Even today, some people attempt to duplicate Nanay Bebe’s traditional drink formula.