Young Siblings’ Pest Control Startup Skyrocketed In Two Months After Their Tiktok Video Went Viral

In just two months, these two siblings launched a pest control business that now serves a wide area around Quezon Province and nearby cities in the Philippines. They are like any other young adult with unfortunate life prospects, but they’ve persevered because they know there must be a better way. 

Pesconex Pest Control Services is owned jointly by its co-founders, Clark Dennies and Clarissa Joyce Demejes. They started their team with their cousin, who has grown to include four more members. 

What began as a training ground provided by their uncle is now a well-recognized business offering services with a quick phone call around Quezon Province and even reached the island of Palawan. 

Their uncle quickly loaned them money to help them start their own business. The effective pest control technique they use is a standardized process and is a convenient way to get rid of pests. They also made sure it is safe and environmentally friendly.

Within the first month, they serviced only a handful of clients, including a few homes, small sari-sari stores, and some bakeries their parents even drove them to their clients. Nowadays, certain large companies and grocery stores are among the few that hire the team. 

Their success and customer acquisition began when Clarisse posted a TikTok video demonstrating the service they are providing. Many netizens have praised what the two have been doing, and some are so impressed that they would like to utilize their services. 

In just two short months, the siblings have established themselves financially and have also acquired their company car with their first significant earnings successfully.

Instead of focusing on the possibility that the endeavor will be unsuccessful, Clarissa encourages taking the risk. “Manifest that your business will be successful, do your best to succeed.” she added.