Filipino Entrepreneur’s Journey From Being an Employee to Owning Three Businesses in UAE

Dubai has long been known as a hub of opportunity, a place where dreams can flourish and aspirations come true. Frando Sarmiento’s journey from a regular worker to a successful entrepreneur is a great example of this. He now owns not one, not two, but three thriving businesses in the UAE. Let’s dive into his inspiring story and see how he made it happen.

Frando Sarmiento’s story began in a small fishing village in the Philippines. His parents worked hard to raise him and provide a good education. Even though life was simple, his parents’ efforts and support shaped his dreams of doing something big one day.

In 2005, Sarmiento came to Dubai to explore job options. He started with jobs like sales manager and gained experience in different companies. These experiences gave him insights into various industries and ignited his desire to run his own businesses someday.

The efficient process of setting up a company surprised him and made his entrepreneurial journey smoother. According to Gulf News, Sarmiento was amazed by how easy it was to start a business in the UAE, and this played a big role in his success.

“It is best to start while you’re young. Whatever happens, one is bound to learn something profound that will benefit him in many ways. When we are young, we are not afraid of making mistakes. There is a lot of time left to recover and learn. This is something I would have told myself during my younger years. But, as they say, it is never too late to start building what you want,” Sarmiento shared with Gulf News.

Featured Image Source: Gulf News