Indian Teen Entrepreneur Aaman Shah Makes Waves in the Sneaker Industry

Aaman Shah’s inspiring entrepreneurial journey started when he was just 16 years old. Aaman comes from India and started a company called DripUp – a global enterprise reaching the USA, India, and Canada, with a specific focus on engaging the youth.

Aaman Shah’s story started with his curiosity about sneakers, wondering why people are willing to spend lots of money on sneakers like Nike and Jordan. He went to other places outside his hometown and noticed lots of people loving sneakers. Collaborating with his friends Dhruv Seth and Mufi Dharani, Aaman delved into the latest sneaker trends, discovering their potential for substantial profit.

Aaman went from being a sneaker fan to someone who sells them. In 2020, he saw people spending $20,000 on sneakers that used to cost just $200. That’s when he got the idea to start DripUp.

DripUp has carved a niche in the sneaker market by leveraging online platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Aaman’s ingenious approach to the business, centered around fostering a strong sneaker culture while ensuring customer satisfaction, has earned DripUp a reputation as a trusted source for premium sneakers and watches. Through the challenges of the ever-evolving market and the complexities of running a business as a student, DripUp has not only survived but thrived.

When people ask why customers spend a lot on sneakers, Aaman Shah says it’s because they’re special and not everyone can get them. He thinks people buy from him because they know he’s trustworthy, according to his interview with Startup Story Media.

Aside from just making money, Aaman aims to have good relationships with his customers. He sells special sneakers like Yeezy and Jordans, and he’s honest about how much he makes from it.

Even though the sneaker business has some tough parts, Aaman Shah’s dedication to the sneaker world and his ability to handle tough situations show that he’s a strong and determined young businessperson.

Featured Image Source: Instagram