Kylie Chang and Erin Kwon Triumph as Miss Asian Global and Miss Asian America 2023

In a big event celebrating Asian American beauty and success, the Miss Asian Global and Miss Asian America Pageant, known for being the longest-running beauty contest for Asian Americans in the US, has picked its winners for this year: Kylie Chang and Erin Kwon. This event is really important as it shows how Asian Americans can be confident leaders.

According to NextShark, Kylie Chang, who is 18 years old, won the 38th Miss Asian Global title at a special place called the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco. She shared with KRON4 that she was really happy and said all her hard work paid off.

She loves dancing and shares that joy with kids who might not have the same chances. She volunteers as a dance teacher at Friends of Children with Special Needs, which helps them feel good about themselves. Kylie also does good things with fashion – she’s a part of an organization called Catwalk for Charitable Causes that uses fashion to help charities.

Erin Kwon is 24 years old and is studying to become a doctor in Irvine, California. She’s also this year’s Miss Asian America. Erin really cares about older Asian Americans and wants them to know more about staying healthy. She helps people in hospices, which are places where very sick people get special care, as an advocate for better healthcare education in the Asian American elderly community.

“I didn’t even expect to place. I just wanted to have an experience where I meet other women and just do something outside of my comfort zone, but I got way more than I ever expected so I’m very, very pleased,” Kwon told KRON4.

The contest has been around since 1985 when Rose Chung started it at an event called the Asian Arts Festival. It’s all about helping young Asian women grow and become strong leaders.

Featured Image Source: Miss Asian Global