Immigrant Entrepreneur JJ Xu Empowers Communication and Entrepreneurship

This series shines a light on accomplished immigrant entrepreneurs who have made significant contributions to the business landscape in the United States. Hailing from China, Xu’s journey from her homeland to becoming the founder and CEO of the award-winning tech startup TalkMeUp is a testament to the potential immigrants bring to the world of entrepreneurship.

EIG is a Washington, DC-based, bipartisan public policy organization that advocates for a diverse and innovative American economy. Since immigrants make up 14% of the US population, over 30% of US innovators, and 38% of Americans who have won the Nobel Prizes in physics, chemistry, and medicine since 2000, Xu’s story serves as a prime example of the importance of fostering an atmosphere that encourages immigrant talent and achievements.

According to Yahoo! Finance, Xu’s experiences in diverse roles, including positions at Groupon and Huawei, provided Xu with invaluable insights into effective communication and cross-cultural dynamics. Recognizing the gap in accessible communication training resources, she embarked on a mission to democratize communication skills through TalkMeUp.

TalkMeUp, Inc. is based in Pittsburgh with deep roots in Carnegie Mellon University. It has pioneered solutions that propel business success through the art of effective communication.

Driven by a mission to empower individuals and organizations worldwide, TalkMeUp’s AI-powered platform allows professionals to gauge their communication effectiveness and audience engagement during video interactions. Through personalized practice and training, TalkMeUp equips users with the essential communication attributes required for career advancement and seamless transitions.

Featured Image Source: The Business Journals