Ghazal Alagh Wanted Safe Products for Her Baby and Built a Billion Dollar Business During Pregnancy

Ghazal Alagh is the co-founder of MamaEarth, a company worth $1.2 billion. She’s not a graduate from fancy colleges like IIT or IIM, but her story is remarkable and full of inspiration.

Ghazal’s journey began in Gurgaon, Haryana, where she grew up in a middle-class family. After finishing her studies in computer application from Punjab University in 2010, she explored her creative side by learning about design and art at the New York Academy of Art. These experiences laid the foundation for her entrepreneurial path.

In 2016, Ghazal and her husband, Varun Alagh, started MamaEarth because they wanted safe and natural products for their soon-to-arrive baby. They cared deeply about the environment, so they made sure their products were organic and packed in materials that could be recycled.

Like many business ventures, their journey wasn’t easy, but eventually, MamaEarth became Asia’s first brand to earn the MadeSafe label, showing that their products were free from harmful stuff. They started selling online but soon expanded to physical stores. They have their own place to create and test products, which helped them achieve big success.

Now, MamaEarth isn’t just about baby stuff; they offer all kinds of personal care items. Over 5 million people use their products in 500 cities. Last year, they made a profit of Rs 14 crores and became a unicorn, now worth $1.2 billion.

Featured Image Source: Fortune India