Samia Khan is Championing Modern South Asian Fashion Through Melange

Melange is a multi-label South Asian fashion platform that shares fashionable items from South Asia.

Samia Khan, who lives in Singapore but comes from Mumbai, started Melange in 2015. She wanted to bring attention to modern Indian designs for clothes, jewelry, and other accessories. She loves fashion that’s versatile, meaning you can wear it in different situations. She doesn’t think it’s just for Indian people – anyone can enjoy it.

During a virtual chat with The Peak, she talked about a special event she went to in Mumbai, India. It displayed how famous fashion companies like Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, and Dior have used Indian fabrics for a long time. Samia was really impressed by this exhibition, and is excited about the growing interest in Indian fashion.

Because of the pandemic, Samia had to move Melange’s business online. This turned out to be good because more people from different countries like the US, UK, and Australia can now enjoy Indian fashion through her website.

Samia wants to keep sharing South Asian fashion and hopes to have a permanent showroom someday. “I want South Asian fashion to be accessible to many more people. I hope to be able to contribute to my heritage in this way,” Samia shares with The Peak.

Featured Image Source: The Honeycombers